la tradizione non è il conservare la cenere
bensì il tramandare la fiamma viva
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To rediscover the roots and enhance them with a very ambitious project: to bring back to life an old Apulia “masseria” following the family wine-growing and producing tradition combining it with most modern winemaking techniques, respectful of both the environment and the consumer.

Respect nature. Prefer quality to quantity. Defend the value of products’ genuineness.
According to these aims, the disciplinary of certified biological agricultural production has been adopted since 2007.
From the 2011 vintage, the wine is biological accordino to EU Regulation 203/2012.

Azienda Agricola Masseria Procida
Avv. Natale Tateo
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40°52'10.8"N 16°58'00.1"E
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